What is CookIt.bg?

Cookit.bg is a company for supplying boxes of recipe cooking products. When you order from us, you receive a carefully selected and precisely measured products for the selected recipe whit easy steps and tips for cooking. With cookit.bg you miss the market and the waste of food.

Cookit makes your life easier and allows you to prepare delicious meals

How to order?

Go to the recipes and choose one or more and then click buy. Important- the price shown is for one portion of the meal, and the minimum order quantity is 2 or multiple of 2. Exceptions make family recipes of which the minimum order quantity is 4 or multiple of 4.

If you need some kitchen equipment, or a drink to your dish, go to “ the Grocery”.

To finish the order go to “my cart” up in the right corner and click „ view the order”. See if everything is ok, read and bookmark “ terms and condition” and finally click ending the order

If you don’t yet have a registration, you will need to enter your details and then specify the payment method, delivery address, date and time interval.

What are the ingredients?

We work with carefully selected growers and suppliers. We offer recipes with predominantly seasonal and local ingredients. The ingredients are precisely measured, so that we avoid any waste of food. Try it, you will see.

You choose, we carry, you cook

Can i handle the cooking?

You can prepare a quick and easy delicious and varied recipes, thanks to detailed steps map. In addition to any recipe, there is a video that will help you in the cooking process.

How to store the box?

Оn delivery of your box at home, if you don’t cook right now, you should put it in the fridge. It’s recommended that the products in the box be cook to 48 hours after delivery, when properly stored.

On delivery of your box to the office, it can safely remain outside the refrigerator all day, because we use coolers and thermo bags for the ingredients.

How long in advance should I order?

Оrder today and get your exclusive product in the next hours – in a convenient time for you, at a chosen address and delivery at our expense.

Free delivery of boxes with recipes for Sofia. Every day from Monday to Friday at the following time intervals:

  • 10.00 – 11.30 h
  • 15.00 – 16.30 h
  • 18.30 – 20.00 h

You can order for a given time interval not later than one hour before its start (example: for 18:30 – 20:00 you can order at latest in 17:29 on the same day).

Orders from other cities may be received from Tuesday to Saturday, excluding official Holidays and the day after. The delivery is at the expense of the customer according to the Econt tariffs.

Days off: Saturday and Sunday

With cookit.bg is always easy when you know everything.

Do i need additional ingredients at home?

No, we send all the necessary recipe ingredients. You will only need a pan, knife, a board and other standard cooking supplies. For each recipe you write what you need. If you don’t have something, you can buy it from the “grocery” menu.

What is the price on the box?

Our basic principle is the more you order the less you pay. Тhe price on the site is for a portion and the possible minimum order is 2 portions of one recipe. If you order 2 recipes ( 4 portions ) you are using 5 % discount. For 3 or more recipes ( respectively 6 and more portions ) you receive 10 % discount.

Plan what to cook for a week and ahead. If you prepaid you will take advantage of the discount. We will deliver your chosen recipes to you at your chosen day and hour. You just have to point it out in the field “Notes for delivery” and describe which recipe on which day and which interval (10-11.30, 15-16.30, 18.30-20 h) between the three options we have you want to receive it.

How payment is made?

As it’s convenient for you on delivery in cash or by card.*.

*Тhe option pay by card is valid only for Sofia and you must write to us in “order notes” that you will pay by card.


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