Cookit Club

Cook, save and win with Cookit Club!

Cookit Club is our digital loyalty card in Viber.With the card you collect stamps, win prizes and receive exclusive offers and more personal surprises directly in Viber. 

How to join Cookit Club?

  1. After you place an order on our website, we are going to send you a SMS with link to your Cookit Club.
  2. Join Cookit Club on Viber by visiting Then you will get your digital loyalty card, which will be with you all the time. You can easily keep track on collected stamps, prizes and other surprises.

How Cookit Club works?

  1. You will receive automaticaly 1 stamp with evry order in your Cookit Club in Viber.
  2. Once you collect 10 stamps you win a prize – free box with recipe by your choice.
  3. After you collect 10 stemps, check your prize in “My prizes” in Cookit Club. There you will find a promo code for free box with recipe, valid for 1 month from the moment of receiving it. Apply the promo code when placing a order on our website. Then your total amount will be 0 lv.
  4. Watch out for offers. As a loyal client and Cookit Club member, you will receive special offers in Viber.
  5. Follow our new recipes. You will receive our latest recipe every week and we hope to make your choice for lunch or dinner easier and save you time from shopping. 
  6. Invite a friend. Invite a friend to join Cookit Club to get special offers and recipes.
  7. Cook with pleasure 🙂

See the official rules for Cookit Club here.


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