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Еvery dish will be tastier when you know more about its preparation. Cooking tips by professionals.

Tips for preparing a perfectly cooked dish with veal bon fillet

Cookit съвети за готвене от професионалисти за виртуози в домашната кухня

Cooking advice from us. For perfect preparation of our recipe with beef fillet is important to seal the meat.

Cook it for a small amount of time in a really well heated pan at medium temperature. Finish it in the oven according to your preference – rare, medium or well done.

Cooking tips for boiled potatoes

In order for the potatoes not to break up and be perfect, the water should be slightly boiled and well salted.

Тips for cooking a juicy loin

Since it is very fragile and cooks pretty quickly, you should cook in a very well heated pan in order to avoid it to dry out.

Cooking tips for perfect jasmine rice

Grains should be separated. The secret is to be patient – let the rice slowly and calmly absorbs the water in order to soften it in and swell

Tips for cooking fluffy and soft potato puree

Prepare it while the potatoes are still warm after cooking – add butter and cream and smash it easily.

Tips for cooking beef meatballs

After baking it is recommended to let it rest a few minutes so the juices in it will be distributed over the whole piece of meet and will remain juicy.

Ingredients, recipe and cooking tips are from us. From you it’s only required the perfect preparation.

How to make crispy asparagus?

After you brew them for a while stop the cooking process by putting them in a bowl of ice.

How to get juicy bass fillet?

Cook in a well- heated pan for a short time so the fillets turn into an excellent well-cooked color and remain juicy.

What means Аl dente?

Perfectly cooked pasta. To make it that way, you are going to have to cut it off from the boiling water, while it’s still an idea more rigid. Then finish it in the pan with a little bit of the water it boiled.

Crispy salmon outside and juicy inside

To accomplish this, there are two steps. First you seal the fish in a hot pan for a short time. Then finish it in a heated oven for 8 – 10 minutes.

Аbout delicate pork robs

You need a little more patience and 3 simple techniques – sealing in a pan for color, drought in the oven for softness and glazing for taste and beauty.

Perfectly breaded chicken fillet

Изисква се добра организация и точно количество олио за пържене, загрято на не твърде висока температура. За да ти е по-лесно, можеш да оваляш всички парчетата пиле преди самото пържене, за да имаш достатъчно време да се концентрираш в златистия цвят, който трябва да хванат в мазнината.

Избери си рецепта и се увери, че можеш да готвиш.


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