How Cookit Works

Cookit makes your life easier and eating is delicious.

It’s tastier, because you cook it and easier, becаuse we deliver all needed ingredients for the recipe you choose. Here’s how it all happens.

Easy and tasty

Choose a recipe from а variety of delicious options that are tailored to the season and suitable for all tastes. You will always find easy and quick solutions when it comes to make decisions regarding special occasions.

Important – the price is for one box of the recipe containing 2 portions.
Exception are the family boxes which contain 4 portions.

If you order two boxes you will receive 5% discount. For three or more boxes you will receive 10% discount.

Promo codes are not valid for discounted products.

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Order today, receive tomorrow. What does it mean?

Order before 17:00 in order to receive your delivery on the following day. The deliveries are as follow:

Example: Order on Monday before 17:00 – receive on Tuesday at the selected from you time.

Deliveries to Sofia are 3.90 lv., over 35 lv. from Monday to Friday as follow:

  • 14:00 – 17:00 ч.

Orders for the rest of the country are sent one day after the order is received and delivered one day after they are sent. Orders for the rest of the country will be delivered from Tuesday to Saturday. The minimum order for deliveries out of Sofia is 2 boxes and the fee is payable by the client according to Ekont and Speedy prices.

What does it mean?
Example: Order on Monday before 17:00 – receive on Wednesday at the office of Ekont or Speedy.

Off Days: Saturday and Sunday.

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That’s It! All you have to do is to cook your delicous meal.


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