How Cook It works

Cookit makes your life easier and allows you to prepare delicious meals. It’s tastier, because, you are the one cooking it and easier, becаuse we deliver all needed ingredients for the recipe you choose. Here’s how it all happens.

Easy and tasty

Choose a recipe from а variety of delicious options that are tailored to the season and suitable for all tastes. You will always find easy and quick solutions when it comes to make decisions regarding special occasions. Important – the price shown is for one box of the recipe. If you order two boxes you will get 5% discount. For three or more boxes you will get 10% discount.

Create your own schedule to receive your boxes with delicious and easy recipes

Plan what you cook for the week and ahead. If you pay in advance you will have discounts. We will deliver the recipes you choose accordingly to the chosen day and time. You just have to point it out in the field “Notes for delivery” and describe which recipe on which day and which interval between the three options we have you want to receive it. Also, don’t worry about ordering in your office, our boxes can safely stay out of the refrigerator all day as we use coolers and thermos bags for the products you need.

Оrder today and get your exclusive product in the next hours.

Тhe next day delivery for Sofia is free of charge and runs every day from Monday to Friday at the following time intervals:

  • 11:00 – 13:00 h.
  • 15.00 – 17:00 h.

Orders from other regions in the country may be received from Tuesday to Saturday, excluding official Holidays and the day after. The delivery is at the expense of the customer according to the Econt tariffs.

That´s it! Now all you have to do is to cook your own delicious meal.



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