Our Mission

We believe the key to living a happy life is the real and quality food. That is why we decided to itroduce to the Bulgarian market a service well known in many other countries as deilvery of a recipe in a box with perfectly portioned products. We call it Cookit.bg.

„I don’t have time“ is probably the most comon saying we all use. When we are busy we easlily skip a meal or we have to compromise on the variety and quality of the food.

Cookit.bg delivers a complete nutrion and has the following advantages:

  • motivates us to cook comfortably and easy
  • we do not waste time for shopping
  • we do not spend on products with unknown quality
  • we receive the exact quantity of products – not more or less than we need to use

All fruits and vegetables in our recipes are from small local farms

Cookit.bg offers author’s recipes, quick and easy to prepare, cooked at home when following our instructions on video or text and using the perfectly portioned products.

This is how it’s done


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