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Stuffed dried peppers with beans and Bulgarian spices


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Dried peppers with beans are one of the emblems of the Christmas holidays. Traditionally, stuffed dried peppers are filled with beans and aromatic dried spices – such as mint and savory, which are added not only for flavor but also for better digestion of beans. A dish that brings us back to memories of warmth, family, love and comfort. Enjoy the Bulgarian taste together with a proven favorite recipe!

  • The box contains: 4 portions | 270 – 300 grams per portion
  • Cooking time – active cooking: 20 minutes | total: 60 minutes
  • Cooking difficulty – Easy
  • Allergens – none
  • You will need – pan, pot, bowl, stirrer, tray


What contains the recipe – Stuffed dried peppers with beans and Bulgarian spices


Bob black eye

Dried peppers

Dried leeks

Dry onion



Red pepper

Olive oil


Baking paper

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