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Paella with chorizo, shrimps, peas and smoked paprika

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A family dish full of smoky, aromatic spices, mixed with delicate peppercorns, juicy shrimp and crispy chorizo – a bite of this paella will immediately transport you to coastal Spain.

  • The box contains : 4 portions | 350 – 400 grams per portion
  • Time – active cooking: 25 minutes | total: 40 minutes
  • Cooking difficulty – Easy
  • Allergens – shellfish, fish
  • You will need it – knife, cutting board, bowls, paella tray, pan

Nutritional value per portion – 810 kCal
proteins 40 g, fat 36 g, carbohydrates 80 g


What contains the recipe – Paella with chorizo, shrimps, peas and smoked paprika

Arborio rice Gallo



Red pepper

Smoked paprika Chilli Hills

Vegetable broth


Peas Bonduelle

Spice for paella

Olive oil Divella


Black pepper


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